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Conditions for guest articles on

Status: 01.03.2021

With the order of a guest article at (in the following called “Website” and “Operator”) you agree with the terms and conditions listed below. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, you must waive the registration. 

1. General 
The service of the operator consists in the operation of a blog, here in particular those for the placement of online advertising in the form of guest articles. By means of a guest article on the online marketplace “” potentially interested customers can be addressed. is a blog. With a guest article the contracting parties are the creator of the guest article and 

2. Scope of services 
1. The publication of a guest article involves submitting a contribution to a platform or publication for the purpose of sharing content. The service entails the submission of this contribution for publication.
2. Upon ordering, the customer will receive an invoice detailing the provided service. Additional services, such as sponsorship projects accompanied by a statement and a detailed description of the service, are not included and the operator is not obligated to provide them. Should the operator choose to provide these services, they will be subject to separate compensation.
3. The request for statistics and click-through data is not part of the standard service and is at the discretion of the operator. Provision of this data incurs additional costs, which will be communicated to the customer via email.
4. The article will be published as in the file/source sent. Changes to the article after publication that are not based on errors by the operator will incur costs of 15 euros for minor changes (individual words/links) and 25 euros for major changes (complete article).

3. Data protection 
1. The data protection regulations of the operator apply. 

4. Right of refusal and deletion 
1. The operator reserves the right to refuse guest articles because of their content, origin or technical form according to uniform, objectively justified principles. This applies in particular if the content of the advertisement violates legal or official prohibitions or offends common decency or if publication is not reasonable for the operator for other reasons. The operator is entitled to remove job advertisements and other guest articles whose contents violate legal or official prohibitions or offend common decency from the offer immediately and without prior notification of the advertiser. The creator will be informed of such a measure immediately. Any further claims, in particular a refund claim, do not arise for the creator in any case.

5.  Liability of the operator
1. does not guarantee that the offered of the guest articles (in particular company, name and trademark rights) and can be used by the acquirer without violating third party rights. The examination is task and obligation of the creator. 
2. can not be held liable for incorrect information and content of the guest article. assumes no liability for any misuse of the information by other people or third parties. 
3. can not be held liable for significant impairment of the is not liable for failures of the service which are not caused by the user, e.g. by force majeure or technical failures of the internet. 
4. The operator can not take responsibility for the content of third parties and external links, which are set by sellers. The contents written and published by the sellers are third party contents in the sense of § 5 of the German Teleservices Act (TDG) in the version of 22.7.1997, which is why the operator does not assume any responsibility for them. 
5. is not liable for the pictures in the advertisements. If these are used arbitrarily by websites or stock exchanges, for example, the advertisement itself is responsible. will, in the case of a warning, forward the costs to the seller and his data in the sense of a duty of disclosure. You can find more information in our policy on the use of images
6. Should an article not be included in Google’s index, the operator assumes no liability and can mark articles as noIndex at any time.
7. If the customer collaborates with a platform or marketplace (Reseller) and they refuse payment for the service, yet the article remains accessible, the operator bears no responsibility for refunds or technical support. Such matters are to be resolved solely between the customer and the respective platform.

6. Prices and Refund
1. The prices are communicated to the creator by e-mail. 
2. In no case will the amount be refunded once the item is online.

7. Duration of the guest article
1. Articles are generally published as long as the blog exists.
2. The operator reserves the right to delete articles after 2 years at his own discretion.
3. Should the blog be discontinued, this will be 2 years after the last guest article. In this time there will be no more security updates and support for the guest articles.

8. Note of advertisement
1. Due to the jurisdiction it is to be ensured that there is no violation of § 3 UWG (prohibition of unfair business practices) Therefore the articles are marked as advertising. It is a marking with Sponsored Post in front of the article text.
2. The operator reserves the right to mark links with the HTML tag Sponsored after some time and in exceptional cases also in the text.
3. The operator reserves the right to not mark the article despite agreements in the run-up to the article, at his own discretion to add a marking afterwards, should the article be advertising.
4. No refund can be claimed in the event of sponsered post marking.
5. The articles are not displayed on the homepage, the search or the RSS feed of the site.
6. The article is not part of a visible category and only reachable via direct link.
7. Sensitive content is accepted but only shown to visitors from countries that allow advertising in this form for this content.

9. Liability of the customer
1. The customer is liable for damage claims by the article. If his content or the way of advertising should cause a penalty, the customer has to bear it to the full extent.
2. The customer must ensure that relevant information such as a disclaimer in the case of financial products or a sponsored tag in the case of advertising articles.
3. The customer must check this himself after publication and point it out to the operator.
4. All penalties and legal fees due to the article will be borne 100% by the customer. Furthermore, he must pay an amount of 25 euros per hour effort of the operator in case of a warning or requests from lawyers.

10. Change of the general terms and conditions
1. The operator reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions. 
2. The operator declares to agree with the application of the changed general terms and conditions to contracts already concluded before the change, if the operator informs the user that a change of the terms and conditions has taken place and the user does not object to the change within a period of two weeks, beginning with the day following the notification of the change. 
3. The notification of the change does not have to take place and is immediately effective for all guest articles. 

11. Final provisions 
1. Additions and amendments to these GTC must be in writing to be effective. This also applies to the cancellation of the formal requirement. 
2. If any provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes invalid, the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions remain valid regardless. The invalid provisions shall be supplemented or replaced in such a way that they come closest to the originally intended purpose.

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