Now that my active time as a PhD student has come to an end with the submission of my doctoral thesis, I would like to write down my findings from 5 years of research in a book. The book is being published in cooperation with Springer Gabler Verlag. I have already written the book and Springer is now preparing the final version for publication. It will probably come around August 2020.


Renowned scientists like to be seen as being from one other galaxies that are far superior to ordinary citizens. they seem endowed with magical abilities and a special gift. So or something like that is the cliché of a scientist in practice. Naturally The achievements of the scientists are often outstanding, but they also serve certain research designs to study complex problems. The Bachelor’s or master’s thesis is the last milestone for the degree Graduating and often introducing students for the first time with research designs in touch.

In this essential, the basics of the empirical Social research explained and recommendations for finding a topic for the Thesis given. Then four research designs are presented, supplemented by tips for cooperation with a practice partner. recommendations on dealing with topics such as plagiarism and citation style round off the essentials. The content should teach lecturers and students from the fields of business administration and business informatics as an aid in the conception and creation of a Thesis serve.

who should read this essential

  • Lecturers and students from the field of Business administration and business informatics


  • Bachelor thesis
  • master thesis
  • Expert interview
  • Literature analysis
  • survey
  • Grounded Theory

What You can find in this essential

  • Basics and background to empirical social research
  • Definition of a scientific topic
  • seven Research designs in business informatics
  • Thesis with practice partner

I blog about the influence of digitalization on our working world. For this purpose, I provide content from science in a practical way and show helpful tips from my everyday professional life. I am an executive in an SME and I wrote my doctoral thesis at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg at the Chair of IT Management.

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