Dynaxity describes an artificial word that is made up of the terms dynamics and complexity. Let’s look at the Duden so complexity stands for “multi-layered and that in one another of many characteristics”. If we turn back a little, we find the Duden under dynamics: “Force directed towards change”. The aim of the made-up word is to combine both of these terms. The term was apparently first mentioned in publications in the 1980s and has been revisited from time to time since then. The background to the term is the research field: Management in complex and dynamic systems. The 4 zones of Dynaxity The picture shows the 4 zones of Dynaxity. Zone 1 (static) describes simple, fixed rules and the same structures. So one could speak of a small business that has been secured for generations. Zone 2 (dynamic) describes the classic company according to some literature. Growth and changes…

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