A negotiation is the treatment of a decision with one another or by an authority such as a court or mediator. We negotiate numerous small and large decisions every day. A big negotiation for many at work is the salary. With the right negotiation strategy in particular, significantly more can be achieved here.

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Negotiation seminar – is it worth it?

Negotiating is not easy and certainly not everyone was born with this talent. But the good news is that you can learn to negotiate. There are numerous seminars on this. The contents of such seminars are often basics and strategies, checking facts, the give and take principle and numerous practical exercises.

For this I have the negotiation training from www.engarde-training.com/de looked more closely. Engarde is a professional with many years of experience and conducts first-class negotiation training at various locations.

Tips for better negotiation

In general, the following applies: The more urgent an aspect is for your negotiating partner, the faster he will negotiate with you. Conversely, little progress is made with an aspect that is not a priority for the negotiating partner. So the first tip is always one Urgency to decide to manufacture.

There are not solutions in every negotiation that are uncompromising for both sides. So get one up quickly WIN-WIN situation . Come up with suggestions for the negotiating partner that you suspect will accommodate them.

Always put the The situation is clear on the table . Often times you have certain constraints due to management or guidelines. The advantage: Your negotiating partner does not have to be annoyed about why you refuse certain proposals.

Determine the point in time : This aspect applies particularly to salary increases. Pick a good time. The negotiating partner has to want to negotiate at all and, especially in the case of a salary increase, you should make sure that you have performed well shortly beforehand.

The personal interests of the negotiating partners also play a role in negotiations. Try to find out a little more about the person you are negotiating with. Are there any personal preferences of the person?


Each of us negotiates. Every day. It’s about big decisions but also small, often mundane decisions such as pocket money or housework. Particularly large decisions such as a salary increase, more responsibility or a promotion require special negotiation skills. In this case, training on negotiation can help to negotiate better and more confidently. You shouldn’t miss out on such an opportunity. For this purpose, I took a closer look at a service provider and also listed the contents of the training. I think it can be worth it.



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