Have you been employed for some time now and your boss thinks your job is good? Are you punctual, reliable and often praised as a “good” or “very good” employee? But you have not been promoted for years and others are always preferred? I will try to explain this to you in this article.

there is a promotion for daily work

In general, we receive a salary and a position for the completion of tasks which are defined in the employment contract and which are specifically assigned to us by a supervisor. Now many employees do this work in 40 hours and improve in the quality or speed of the work execution. In return, employees expect your salary to be increased and a promotion to be pending. Unfortunately, this view is often wrong.

Imagine someone working at a reception. He does the job very well and is getting faster and faster. But the job of the reception manager demands to think outside the box and to act on new processes as well as across hotels. So are you ready to promote the employee who works faster and faster but alone? I do not think so!

Take on additional tasks

My tip is that the first step is to optimize your day-to-day business so that you have 30% of your working time free. Now is the time to find out your manager’s goals and help them look good. So take on additional tasks. It is precisely these additional projects and tasks of the supervisor that can bring you a promotion.

Let’s take the example of lawn mowing again. In addition to the lawn, the employee now also takes on projects for you, such as caring for the roses, because he realizes that it is important to you that the roses are more beautiful than those of the neighbor. Are you now ready to pay an additional tip or even make the employee the head gardener and assign them to other gardeners? I guess so!

The supervisor is often unable to promote

Furthermore, your superior can often not promote you. They cannot be turned from a team leader to a team leader. So you have to try to inspire the boss-boss. To do this, you have to take over topics from the boss and important lighthouse projects that are his focus. Do not hide in your own team and be careful when contacting the boss-boss that the boss doesn’t get jealous.

Away from the employee mindset

The requirements for employees and managers differ significantly. A good employee is by no means a good manager. So if you want to be promoted, you must first make an advance payment: From tomorrow onwards, stop acting like an employee but be a manager. So move away from the mindset of the employee!

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Promotion is an important topic in the job and it is important for many employees to achieve it. One generally has a job to do the assigned work. Doing these faster and better often doesn’t mean more salary or a promotion. One possibility is to optimize your own working hours and take on special projects from your superior. Stay tuned and actively ask about additional tasks! Your task is also to get to know the boss-boss: So try to establish contact with the upper management levels. You can do this by actively addressing them or by having projects with management attention.

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