FliegÜbersZielHinaus AG has recently been under heavy pressure from the upcoming main session. Thousands of families and groups of young party-goers want to start their planned vacation in the unofficial 17th state of Mallorca. FliegÜbersZielHinaus AG is a manufacturer of high-quality aircraft and supplies the customer IchWechselStestandMeineAnhaben AG. Due to the dynamism and the high order volume of 50 aircraft, the management decided to introduce the Scrum method and to cope with the workload through agility.
Immerse yourself in a Scrum simulation between changing customer requirements, surprises and absurd management decisions. As part of a Scrum Team, can you help companies and deliver the 50 aircraft on time despite unclear requirements and fluctuating order quantities?
I came up with this Scrum simulation myself and I hope you enjoy it. I have not checked whether this is similar to any other Scrum simulation. If you notice anything, please feel free to contact me. The game differs from other Scrum Games in that it is easy to understand and can be played in 1 hour.

  • Appointment of a Scrum Master (changes every round)
  • Sprint Planning 1: Game master prioritizes and explains the first 10 user stories (5 min)
  • Sprint Planning 2: Scrum Master and team appreciate the stories (1,2,5,8,13) (5 min)
  • Start of the sprint (5 min)
  • Review (5 min)
  • Retrospective (5 min)
  • Draw a burndown chart
  • next sprint with new Scrum Masters

These random events can be played in randomly by the game master.

  • An employee is sick (skip a lap)
  • An employee has to attend further training (suspend the round and read the Wikipedia article on Scrum on the smartphone)
  • Product defect (all planes will be destroyed)
  • Arbitrarily change a requirement (increase or decrease)
  • The balloons can be given to any employee (not a game participant). You tell the participants that the balloons are in room XX. As a sprint item, the players have to find out who has this.
  • The material runs out and has to be procured. Give a friend of yours (not a game participant) check slip and send the other player with the order to fetch lined slip of paper. If he only comes back with a slip of paper, you as PO don’t accept the story.

Shopping List

  • 6x dice
  • 3x block (white, lined, checkered)
  • 1x playing cards
  • 50x candies
  • 50x balloons
  • 2x drinks
  • 2x fruit


Download UserStories and accessories here (click here)

Tip: get the whitepaper too: Agile teams in waterfall organizations free!


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