In this thesis, globalization in the context of companies is understood to mean cross-border or worldwide entrepreneurial activities. These location advantages should lead to competitive advantages. I examined these studies as part of my research.

Study 1: Bertelsmann Foundation

The first study was carried out by the Bertelsmann Foundation (2018). A globalization index is derived from statistics. In an international comparison, Germany ranks 18th (66.29 out of 100). The first three places are Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium. The index is based on data on economic, social and political globalization. The study shows that, especially in Germany, the gross domestic product depends to a large extent on the success of globalization. Global trade is decisive for Germany, especially as export to other countries.

Study 2: Haufe 2017

For cooperation in the course of globalization over Crossing national borders, the virtual team of is particularly useful in knowledge work Meaning. In a study by Brauner et al. in a magazine by Haufe (2017) were over 600 working professionals, some of them international interviewed virtual teams. The study focused on the conditions for efficient work in virtual teams.

The results are according to the criteria Competence, goodwill, integrity and transparency orderly. competence means own technical expertise, qualifications and reputation of the respective employee. The study also examines a specific implementation in software, whereby software with online profiles, special bagdes (gamification) and online feedback forms are judged to be helpful.

Another criterion is that Benevolence . The authors differentiate here between professional and personal support. Concrete implementation options arise through chat forums and virtual meetings.

Furthermore is integrity an essential criterion according to the study. It is shown in compliance with deadlines, availability and respect for internal company rules and guidelines. According to the study, this can be ensured through value profiles, default response times / availabilities and regular meetings.

The last criterion is that transparency . According to the study, this means clear tasks and responsibilities as well as sharing information across the team. Project plans and electronic documentation are mentioned as aids. The following figure summarizes the criteria.

Results of the study by Breuer et al. (own illustration based on Haufe 2017)


Global work is becoming more and more important and there is a need for a meaningful and constructive IT landscape and processes. These are not simple and very complex. It is still difficult to capture these in concrete studies, but the frameworks are a first aid.


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