During the course of my doctorate, I supervised numerous bachelor and master theses. Learned a lot from the point of view of a supervisor and summarized these tips for your bachelor thesis and master thesis for you. Overall, I believe that with the help of these 7 key points you can be very successful in your work. In the following you will find tips for your bachelor and master thesis!

1. You don’t have to win a Nobel Prize!

I often notice that many students set very high goals. On the one hand, everything should be analyzed, improved and packed into a framework that helps every industry and every person in Germany and, better still, the world. With these high goals, the work becomes increasingly vague in the end, since you only have 30-60 pages available. Therefore, limit the topic strongly and remember: less is more!
Reading tip: Find topic

2. Don’t expect too much from the supervisor!

At the end of the day, always remember that your supervisor already has a bachelor’s or master’s degree. It’s up to you, not the supervisor. That is why you set the pace and are responsible for finding interview partners and literature. Rely on yourself in your work! But the supervisor certainly has some tips for a bachelor thesis or master thesis!

3. Get feedback!

Although you shouldn’t expect too much from the supervisor, in the end it is he / she who gives you the grade. Therefore, ask for feedback on a regular basis, preferably every 14 days. It is not ideal to surprise the supervisor at the end with a finished bachelor thesis or master thesis. Ask for tips for your bachelor thesis or master thesis right at the beginning! Should you have any exciting tips, you can send me these like to send by mail.

4. Think positive!

Even if you keep finding new literature and many others have worked on your topic much better than you, stay positive. In the end you only write a bachelor’s or master’s thesis and it is clear that a research institute can do it a little better than you.

5. The squirrel feeds slowly!

There are 2 things that weren’t built in a day. This is on the one hand Rome and on the other hand your bachelor thesis or master thesis. You should therefore take a good month and read it in peace. You also have to allow for time for interviews. You have to laboriously define and evaluate every interview. The result is often sobering, but it still takes you a little further. In small stages to the goal.

6. Exploit your bachelor thesis or master thesis!

A bachelor’s or master’s thesis can open the door to the job. Therefore, choose a topic that has something to do with your job. For example, as a software developer, a prototype would be very good, or as an introduction to marketing, the investigation of Scrum in marketing or predictive analysis would be very suitable. After that, you should publish the work and make it available to readers. I like to post work on my blog for free.
Reading tip: Publish bachelor thesis

7 . It’s not housework!

A bachelor thesis or master thesis is not a term paper. You don’t just write a 30-60 page text that is supposed to be great entertainment for the reader. You are obliged to contribute a part to the research. The goal is that you apply 2-3 research methods cleanly. Therefore, take a close look at their application beforehand and deal with what a scientific work actually is.

Scientific work shows itself in a systematic and methodically controlled connection of independent and creative thoughts with existing scientific findings. The procedure is careful, terminological and related to the subject or discipline ( Bohl 2008, p. 13 ).

This means that on the one hand you should build on existing knowledge and gain further knowledge through the careful application of a research method. Best of all in relation to your research discipline. Example: Management research sees agility differently than, for example, physics and computer science.
Reading tip: Book suggestions for theses
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Bohl, Thorsten. 2008: Scientific work in the study of pedagogy . 3rd edition (139), Beltz: Basel
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