Especially for young academics shortly before or immediately after graduation, starting a career in consulting is becoming an increasingly popular option. But why is that? What tasks can you expect in these companies and for whom is a job as a consultant even suitable?

Career start in consulting – what are the tasks?

Starting a career in consulting is particularly popular because the work is so diverse. Especially now in the age of Consulting 4.0 . Every order and every customer is different. The working days of a consultant differ enormously. Tasks, colleagues and the place of work are constantly changing. But even if the setting changes again and again, the framework remains the same. The main tasks include:

  • Development and implementation of new business models, strategies or systems
  • Optimizing processes
  • Calculation of cost savings
  • Optimization of existing resources
  • Restructuring of departments
  • Preparation of reports and concepts
  • Realignment of the company’s IT

Who is suitable for a career start in consulting?

But what else is important when starting a career in consulting? Of course, on yourself! Because as a consultant you should have some important qualities. In addition to an academic degree, parameters such as professional experience and stays abroad are of course welcome decision-makers. But also soft skills such as analytical thinking, communication skills, teamwork and empathy are extremely important in addition to stress resistance, performance and willingness to travel.


As you can already guess, it is simply impossible to only see black and white in a conclusion about starting a career in consulting. The gray area that affects the job as a consultant is huge. After all, not only work and requirements differ immensely from company to company, but also within the industries.
Consulting companies are now also used as springboards by young academics. A study the career platform showed that career opportunities after leaving were among the top criteria for career starters.
In the end, as is so often the case, it comes down to yourself. Are you ready to sacrifice a lot of free time for your job and be constantly on the move? Do you have a longer-term goal and the Interstop Consulting can help you further? Or are you looking for something more permanent? Are a fixed location and regular working hours more important to you? Don’t you feel that you have grown to withstand the constant pressure of success, talk a lot, have small talk and develop strategies that you then have to convincingly present to the customer?
As they say? “Many roads lead to Rome”. Perhaps starting a career in consulting is exactly the right one for you, but perhaps you will reach your goal faster in other ways. You have to find out for yourself! Read some other articles on this topic, such as the Generation Z , Recruiting in medium-sized companies , of the Tomorrow’s world of work or to Agility in companies .
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