Digitization is having a full impact on the German economy. The credo is clear. So it shows Quote from Haufe this quite clearly to: “The virtual world of shopping temples, social networks, news channels, games, travel, etc. It couldn’t be more convenient! Why shop on site, call in person, wait for the day’s news … when digital images, videos, rating systems, (customer) comments provide a faster, usually more up-to-date overview and offer better service? ” So it’s about making everything somehow more convenient and faster. Agile, fast, flexible … But what does this mean for HR and what does digitization have to do with it?

The role of HR in digital change

To a large extent, digitization also means tool support for various tasks. For example, the applicant selection can be done through a Big data Tool can be met faster or large numbers of applicants can be evaluated, contacted and invited faster and more neutrally. But overall it sums up that too Human Resource Manager magazine very well together:

HR is an internal service provider in the company. HR is there to deliver excellent administrative performance for the departments. Point. This goal alone is a challenge, because, let’s be honest, where do the services such as personnel administration, the creation of job references, the recruiting process and the administration of further training really run smoothly and in a customer-oriented manner?

Rolle digital HR
Role of digital HR (own illustration)

Digital HR – more than just HR with an internet connection

The thought of digitization often makes us think of the Internet, software, tablets and smartphones. What is true at first. How often do you check your smartphone during the day? 100 times? 300 times? We are now used to being able to access information at any place and at any time. Real-time, networking and automation are the focus of digitization .
From this perspective, one dimension of digitization in the HR context opens up to us very quickly: easy access to HR services and HR information. Digital HR means anytime, everywhere – mobile and simple. If we are honest, this is often wishful thinking for a good part of the processes and services that we provide from HR (source: Intraworlds ).

E-recruiting in HR

Our world is becoming more and more digital – that much is clear. This trend has meanwhile also reached personnel recruitment. “E-Recruiting” is what he calls himself here ( Working ABC ). E-recruiting (“Electronic Recruiting”) is the term used to describe personnel recruiting using computer and web-based media. E-recruiting usually takes place via online channels and platforms on the Internet and is therefore commonly referred to as online recruiting. The aim of this electronic form of recruitment is to simplify and accelerate recruitment and to reach the right target group ( Working ABC ).
But what exactly is this e-recruiting? If you search you will find examples such as social networks, online job portals, career blogs, apps and messengers. To the end Career ABC But the whole thing nicely together: E-recruiting is more than just creating your own career page and optimizing it for mobile devices. It is a comprehensive concept that not only regulates the application process on all relevant channels, but also internal processes from the applicant management system to online assessment centers and employee reviews.

Digital HR – the focus is on people

In all of this, people and employees must not be forgotten. Without them there would be no change and without change there would be no world of work 4.0. Who can pave the way here? Only HR! Does digital transformation and organizational development affect an important core competence of HR managers (source: Heap ).
So there Heap The following proposal for action for the new digital HR such as: First, areas of responsibility must be shifted away from the supervisor to the employees. The effect: decisions are no longer made across several hierarchical levels, results become visible more quickly.
So HR faces some new challenges and many unresolved questions. It is now up to the HR managers to solve them through experiments and constant trying out. In the battle for young skilled workers, agility, new concepts and, above all, speed become important factors for success.
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I blog about the influence of digitalization on our working world. For this purpose, I provide content from science in a practical way and show helpful tips from my everyday professional life. I am an executive in an SME and I wrote my doctoral thesis at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg at the Chair of IT Management.

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