In the meantime, many companies have their own blog and are trying to use the possibilities and potential offered by so-called content marketing. I have been blogging for more than 2 years now and am in good contact with some medium-sized companies on the subject of business blogging. I would like to summarize these tips for building a company blog below.
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Search topic

First of all, it is important that the blog has a clear topic. The blog serves to present the company as an expert. So there should be few topics that are dealt with deeply and extensively. For example, I have chosen digital leadership, work 4.0 and agile organization as topics and have now produced 40 articles for each area. This has the advantage that a reader will find a lot of information in one place and you will also rank with the major keywords. For example, job 4.0 is searched over 25,000 times per month. It wasn’t until I had written around 30 articles about it that I was found on page 1.
In the following I give some examples of what topics could be for a blog. For the sake of simplicity, I recommend first taking the business areas your company has. For example, an IT consulting company can write about software development, agile methods and automation, or management consulting about organizational development, process digitization and leadership.

to write an article

Now all you have to do is write articles. It is important that these offer added value for the reader and convey technical expertise. I often find that agency articles lack the necessary practical experience. A silver bullet is for your experienced employees to write articles and formulate them in bullet points so that an agency can formulate them and bring the necessary journalistic flavor to the articles.
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SEO and traffic

Now you need to optimize your article SEO. Here you will find numerous guidelines on the Internet or you can have it done by an agency. It is important that every article has a special keyword. To do this, you do an analysis of keywords. It usually makes sense to choose a large keyword for the category (e.g. agile methods or digital leadership – from 10,000 search queries per month) and lots of smaller keywords (100 search queries per month) for the articles.
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As an example, we take my category Digital Leadership, which has keywords such as e-leadership, leadership 4.0, generation management and many more, which more or less belong to the topic of digital leadership. Use the Google Keyword Planner for such research.
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Now it’s time to stay tuned. Fill in their categories and you will rank up on a major keyword in some day. Once you have done that, you will be seen as an expert in relation to this term on the one hand, and you will have a large number of visitors on your site on the other. However, this can take up to a year and you should already have at least 100 articles on your blog.

Call to Action

Of course, a company should also benefit from a blog. For this to be the case, you should define a clear call to action for your blog. This could be, for example, that a customer contacts you. I’ll show you this using the structure of an article on SSL certificates.
In the first step you define SSL and show the different types of certificates. So they offer added value and underpin this with examples of application. Now you could end up saying: Do you need help with your SSL strategy? Then contact our expert XY in Munich.
This gives you a clear and measurable call to action. So from now on your blog will generate leads for you. You can do the other way around with recruiting by asking the applicant to send a message. It is important that the call to action is also demanding and not too soft. At the end you are welcome to advertise something. Remember, when someone finishes reading an article, most of the time they have found it valuable and you have won the reader’s trust.
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In this article I have summarized my experiences with blogging and mixed it with my observations at medium-sized companies. I think that this guideline can be a first point of reference for setting up a company blog. In short, the tips are as follows: You look for a topic that you cover in detail, write articles, optimize SEO and incorporate a clear call to action.
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I blog about the influence of digitalization on our working world. For this purpose, I provide content from science in a practical way and show helpful tips from my everyday professional life. I am an executive in an SME and I wrote my doctoral thesis at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg at the Chair of IT Management.

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