In addition to content marketing, the term “agile marketing” is also being used more and more frequently. But what exactly is it and who does this trend benefit? While some think of the well-known move by the cookie manufacturer Oreo during the power failure at the American Super Bowl 2013, this marketing strategy is still unknown territory for others.
Oreo had tweeted the sentence “You can still dunk in the dark” during the half-hour break in the game and was then represented in the news for days.

What is agile marketing and what is it?

In this context, agile means first of all that advertising strategies are much more flexible and unbound. Oreo did not develop a planning-intensive strategy in advance, but instead reacted spontaneously to an unpredictable situation. So agile marketing is first and foremost a very dynamic concept and not as run-in as the traditional marketing processes . In order to be able to use this adaptability correctly, small, strongly networked teams are usually put together, which are able to create quick drafts thanks to flat hierarchies and to finalize the projects promptly after the feedback.
Nevertheless, many German companies are still reluctant to break away from rigid hierarchies . In order to be able to use agile marketing in a promising way, such well-established structures are rather unsuitable.

Who is agile marketing worthwhile for?

This reluctance is mainly due to the fact that many are not familiar with the area of application for agile marketing. Which companies should follow this trend and which should stay true to traditional advertising measures?
Since agile marketing is primarily carried out on the Internet, it is particularly suitable for companies that are strongly represented there. Especially when the target group is younger and mainly communicates on social media platforms. Because then agile marketing meets all the requirements for a successful advertising concept. The right content is always delivered at the right time and place.
Nevertheless, this does not rule out that companies with an even lower internet presence can also benefit from this. In today’s competitive environment in particular, the marketing department of a company can no longer manage with traditional measures alone. Agile marketing can therefore be used as a way to draw attention to your own company online. The way to more modern structures can slowly be found.

Agile marketing in the marketing mix

However, many entrepreneurs face the problem that they do not know how to embed agile marketing into the marketing mix. Because even the sole use of agile marketing does not automatically lead to success. It therefore makes much more sense to see agile marketing as a further supporting pillar in the marketing mix and to integrate it into the marketing strategy. If the corporate culture is changed in this way, agile marketing is not only viewed as a trend, but as a further development in order to do justice to one’s own target group, this can lead to long-term success. This is the only way that employees understand that the advantages of classic marketing can be linked with those of the digital world and thus achieve a much greater effect.
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