The digitization and networking of the economy with the use of new technologies, with new automation processes and new business models also has consequences for the world of work. Office work as we currently know it could change and bring opportunities and risks with it. This text deals with the opportunities offered by digitization.

Work-life balance

Home office and mobile work stand for free time management, a lack of commuting, greater personal responsibility and the compatibility of work and family. Demotivating the need to control and distrust. Anyone who sits in the home office can work more independently or at least feels that way says that Magazine CIO . The magazine also says: Many employees who work long days complain that they “get nothing else”. I mean shopping, washing clothes, repairing the bike. All of this has to take place on the weekend because between Monday and Friday the person concerned only drives to work, works, drives home, eats, sleeps, gets up … etc. This shows a significantly higher work-life balance through mobile work.

Automation of activities

“Digital automation does not stop at IT administration either. However, IT administrators not only see the danger, but also the opportunity for more efficient work processes and are driving automation forward themselves.” says she Computer week . Let’s be honest: how often do we do annoying and monotonous tasks at work that can be automated? In the context of digitization, there is the opportunity to set up some of the most common and monotonous office tasks such as setting up databases, updating databases, creating Excel reports or finally automating mail processing. This in particular would increasingly relieve busy employees. Below is a diagram showing the top office activities that could easily be automated.

digitalsierung arbeitsplatz
Top 5 of the most annoying office tasks according to a survey of 1000 employees (own Representation according to a study )

Location flexibility of distributed teams

Especially for medium-sized companies in rural regions or employees who are based in rural regions and do not necessarily want to move, a home office could soon be found or they could become part of a distributed team.
Above all, a single employee also has access to potentially more exciting projects within Germany without having to move. A distributed team is also good for the further development of the individual. There are no geographical restrictions, so an employee has access to significantly more knowledge resources. If an expert for a certain topic is only available in another country, he can still become part of a team. This also saves travel costs.

Innovation and creativity from distributed teams

Another advantage of the digital world of work is the increased effectiveness and productivity through technology. Networking and supporting employees can help focus on the essentials. Thanks to the distributed teams, the work can even be spread across different continents and time zones. You could even work on a project 24 hours a day.
Working in virtual teams is also more complex and varied for the employees and rarely causes boredom. There is also the chance to work with the best. A virtual team should be put together according to professional criteria.

digital leadership
Work when, where and with whom and when. Made possible by digital change.

Conclusion on the digital world of work

Digitization offers numerous opportunities for automation, innovation and a better work-life balance as well as more fun at work. In particular, work-life balance, monotony and fun at work are serious issues that companies currently deal with. This potential should certainly not be left unused.
In this text I have deliberately only dealt with the opportunities and not the risks of the digital world of work. Read my about this Article on the dangers of the digital world of work. Here I explain what an # office factory is. Here is an excerpt: Everything is standardized: name tags, the incoming and outgoing mail concept, uniform labels for folders, tidy drawers and the use of roll containers. Monotony in the service of efficiency. What do you think? How is your workplace developing?
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I blog about the influence of digitalization on our working world. For this purpose, I provide content from science in a practical way and show helpful tips from my everyday professional life. I am an executive in an SME and I wrote my doctoral thesis at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg at the Chair of IT Management.

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