Chatbots are on everyone’s lips and could significantly change the working world in companies. The use of chatbots, for example, offers a complete revolution in customer service for companies. On the other hand, this could also lead to massive job losses and also make numerous job profiles such as the call center agent no longer necessary. In the following article I would like to shed light on the current and following possibilities of chatbots.

Klarmobil chatbot

The first thing I did was look at the Klarmobil chatbot. According to the mobile operator, 1000 customers use the chatbot every week and ask almost 6 questions. In addition to the classic customer advisor, the bot answers a set of standard questions similar to the FAQ.

WetterOnline chatbot

I found another great use case at WetterOnline. There I can give the bot special instructions. These are for example show me the weather on my mobile phone every morning or show me the weather in Berlin. I can also ask the bot about the weather. Very convenient!

H&M chatbot

The H&M bot is available in the KIK Messenger. There you can exchange ideas on specific questions about the outfit or ask questions like: What goes with my style or my clothes. The bot also asks me questions like: How old are you and what style do you prefer?

Maggie chatbot

I find Maggie’s bot very funny, which gives me recipes and ideas for my diet on request. I can name ingredients or express special requests and the bot will find something that suits me.

Telekom HR chatbot

Telekom has the bot Katy, which means career at T-Systems. The bot supports applicants in their search for information about corporate culture, information about entry opportunities or about employer benefits. The bot also helps with tips and tricks to find the right place.

Chatbots – these are the possibilities

Chatbots now offer great added value for users. That surprised me because a few years ago bots were hardly mature and warned no conversations. The companies hope to provide 24/7 customer support as well as lower costs and improve service times.

According to Gartner, the total investment in chatbots is to increase from 680 million to 2.4 billion dollars (keyword robotic processing). Most chatbots are currently limited to simple use cases and offer an addition to the company’s core business and customer service. However, this could change one day. So it remains exciting!

Image source: Pixabay

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